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IPO presentation – Investment highlights at a glance

The IPO presentation sums up a company’s investment highlights during a planned IPO and is an important success factor in the investor talks of the management. cometis AG has many years of experience in preparing all the various presentation documents you need for your investor and analyst discussions. The IPO process requires a meaningful presentation for several occasions and target audiences: as a proven expert in IPO communication, we support your preparation for analyst, roadshow and press conference presentations.

Conveying investment highlights convincingly during IPOs

An IPO presentation pinpoints your investment highlights while briefly and concisely presenting your company’s strengths. As a long-standing expert in investment highlight presentation, we know exactly what IPO investors will ask for. A classic company presentation presents management, strategy, company objectives, product portfolio and important advantages in light of competition. An IPO presentation also offers the important opportunity to voice and illustrate all relevant IPO details as to how proceeds will be used.

Score with a customized IPO investor presentation

For the buyside, the IPO Presentation is one of the most important sources of information in an investment decision. Why a shareholder should buy your stock must be clearly and convincingly conveyed. Structure, content and graphical preparation are decisive factors in a successful presentation. An experienced partner at your side is critical. IR consultants and graphic designers work hand-in-hand at cometis so that each individual slide contributes to your company’s coherent overall picture.

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It would be our pleasure to support your preparation of a convincing IPO presentation, so that your growth story is heard and understood by investors, warding off doubts with strong arguments. Call us and perfect your IPO communication.
cometis AG, the leader in IR consulting, supports you in the professional creation of your IPO presentations.


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