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Guidance & Reporting: active expectation management on the capital market

A good guidance provides clear information as a guide to the top and bottom line of the company’s income statement. It should provide shareholders and market observers with an orientation on how the company envisages its future development. In this way, you can actively control the expectations of the capital market from the corporate side and communicate the volatility of your business model. Within the guidance, the results of a future business period are estimated based on the business development to date. The precise communication of your prospects is crucial here. A clear and understandable prognosis of your company’s development can not only anticipate the questions of your shareholders, but can also point out the potential of your business model. In this way, you can successfully manage your expectations on the capital market.

Give investors a precise perspective with cometis!

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the guidance reports of all index companies since 2013, we offer you professional advice on the topic of guidance. As part of a professional reporting system, Guidance provides a clearly defined outlook that provides orientation and traceability of your business model. With a precise look into the future, it is often possible to convey what drive behind strategic decisions and what effects are planned. This allows you to effectively explain any fluctuations in your business model and thus influence expectations. cometis AG offers you many years of experience in formulating your guidance.

We use this experience to offer you comprehensive consulting in the area of guidance and reporting. We would also be pleased to assist you in the preparation of your annual report. Give us a call!


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