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Contacting private investors

Private or small investors are an important target audience in your bond issuance. They are often very loyal and long-term investors and thus contribute to the stability of the bond price. As a leader in IR Consulting with many years of experience, we will help you with the targeted approach to small investors and the maintenance of long-term Investor Relations.

Attracting and keeping small and private investors

Management’s appreciation of this target audience is crucial. As an experienced consultancy with a focus on investor relations and financial communication, it would be our pleasure to advise you on how to target small investors or build long-term relationships with private investors. It is important to integrate these measures into your investor relations work. A concept with which private investors should be won and kept should always be aligned in the medium to long term.

There are a number of measures to address private investors: advertising in investor media and the usual financial portals, active media work with articles and interviews in defined target media and visiting investor events are just a few options. To maintain Investor Relations, we offer an open house day, loyalty programs and meetings with management.

Proven expert in investor relations

We have been developing individual concepts for our clients for more than 15 years. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking to improve your approach to investors and investor relations!


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