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Investor relations: The investor in focus

Successful investor relations (IR) understands its own business down to the last detail and has an overview of the interests of the investors. It commits to this and builds a lasting relationship with relevant investors. Investor relations pursues the central objective of influencing investment decisions in favor of the company and reducing its capital costs.

A convincing equity story is essential to approach potential investors successfully. This should always be adapted to changes in the business model and market conditions.

IR strategy as the basis for successful investor relations

Professional IR is a strategic value for any listed company. Each IR department therefore needs to have a clear strategic communication, in order to tailor its own actions to the needs of the capital market. This results in clear objectives for investor relations work and the measures to be derived from it:

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10 reasons why professional investor relations work is worth it…

  1. Establishes long-term relationships with investors, facilitates the implementation of capital increases and reduces capital costs
  2. provides transparency and reduces Pvolatility in the stock
  3. Creates investor confidence through continuous, open and fair dialogue
  4. Controls the expectations of investors, analysts and financial media
  5. Explains investors’ strategies, finances and markets and facilitates the investment decision
  6. Regularly approaches new investors and thus influences the shareholder structure
  7. Has a finger on the pulse of the market and provides valuable input for the future company strategy
  8. Provides broad insight for the Board as to how investors are considering them and the current development of the company
  9. Strengthens the company’s image on the capital market
  10. Ensures a strategic competitive advantage in raising capital


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