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Convincing shareholders with the management board speech

The AGM is more than just a compulsory event. This applies in particular to the speech by the management board. With a well-structured and authentic management board speech, you can not only convincingly convey the company’s strategy and objectives, but also bring the management’s expertise and performance into the spotlight. The management board speech offers a good opportunity to convey your equity story and add additional backwind to your share.

An authentic presentation at the annual general meeting also helps strengthen the identification of shareholders present with your company and the management board. Use the annual general meeting to sustainably improve your shareholder relations with a successful management board speech.

Create and practice management board speeches

In close consultation with your board members and IR officers, we will prepare the right speech for your annual general meeting. In addition, holding a speech in front of a large audience should also to be practiced. Do you still have little experience with public speeches and want to prepare your appearance at the annual general meeting? Then you can access our intensive media training to prepare for your next management board speech. Please call us so that your next performance in front of a large audience can be a complete success!

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