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Perception Study – Sellside & buyside

Our sell & buyside perception service helps you capture, analyze and develop the right communication strategy. The sellside & buyside perception report, which summarizes all the results for your company, is the basis for recommendations for action.

Sellside & buyside perception – Keeping an overview

In view of the rapidly changing environment in the financial markets, it is indispensable to be consistently informed of supercritical valuation factors and to shape investor relationships. It is therefore particularly important to analyze investors’ sentiment and, if necessary, to initiate appropriate measures to change the opinion of the issuer. What about the perception of your company? What are the reasons for your company being perceived in a particular way? And how can you influence investor and analyst assessments in your favor?

Understanding and controlling analyst and investor perceptions

Your individual sellside & buyside perception report shows how your current performance is perceived by the capital market players and how this affects the success of your investor relations work. It is important to check whether your strategy, management and business model are consistent with the valuation of investors and analysts. An overview of the relevant factors that influence the investment decision gives you the advantage of adapting your communication strategy even better to the interests of your stakeholders and of alleviating possible misunderstandings on the part of analysts and investors.

In addition, a more comprehensive understanding of the competition is created and thus a clearer awareness about direct competitors. Our sellside & buyside perception reports help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and sustain long-term shareholder value. Such a report helps you to identify weak points. You should record the criticism positively and incorporate it into your IR work.

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Put your investor relations to the test and get an overview of the assessments of your investors and analysts in order to sustainably optimize your communication strategy. Commission your sellside & buyside report now and perfect your IR performance. We look forward to your call.


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