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Build confidence in your company and bond

The definition of a bond story provides the basis for successful communication in bond issuance and is an important success factor for every bond issuance. These messages can be convincing when you formulate the strengths of your business model and the essential facts and figures of the bond story, arousing interest in investors and building confidence in your bond.

Using bond stories to demonstrate the business model’s sustainability

The bond story must be tailored to your company and express the strengths of your business model. The bond story should particularly focus on the sustainability of your business model, as well as provide meaningful statements on cash flow and refinancing. Industry and peer group information can help to clearly convey your company’s growth opportunities.

Communicating solid business and market development

No matter if institutional or private, investors need substantial figures from your company and the market as a whole to get an adequate picture of a company. It is important in bond issuance that you prepare convincing statements on business development and help investors understand your business model. In addition to your business’ relevant key figures, presenting management in a positive light is also important – by mentioning their successful track record, for instance. Investors look not only at the pure figures – charismatic management can also be decisive in investing in a bond.

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