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Interim spokesperson in the M&A process

If the aspect of workplace dismantling cannot be kept from public perception and discussion of an M&A transaction, or the potential buyer is unpopular to an opinionated stakeholder group for other reasons, emotionally charged and tendential coverage of the company purchase or merger is a real risk. If a company is confronted with this situation, the use of an interim spokesperson may be the right step.

An interim spokesperson relieves project teams of media questions

A person with the necessary experience and professionalism working with the media will strengthen the project team setup for the M&A transaction and concentrate exclusively on the solution to this challenge.

Taking top management out of the line of fire

This method lets the direct and regular media presence of top management be reduced over a certain period of time. This will lead to less personal and neutral reporting. The waves are smoothed, and the management can concentrate on the successful completion of the transaction and especially the progress of the operating business.

Benefit from the experience of communication professionals

As a specialist in strategic financial, ESG and corporate communicationscometis AG’s team brings extensive experience and professionalism to help you and your company in difficult situations. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time on the issue!


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