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IR strategy

A sophisticated IR strategy always takes a 360-degree view of the company. Financing objectives are derived from company objectives. This leads in turn to capital market objectives. We answer two important questions: How is your company generally positioned, with its strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and risks? And how is your company positioned on the capital market?

Deriving IR strategy measures for IR work

IR strategy comes from peer group and shareholder structure analysis, share assessment and company perception, including management on the capital market. This equity story is revised and sharpened through the IR strategy.

IR strategy from a single source

cometis puts an end to your company’s extensive research and testing, speaking with relevant players on the capital market. The results will be clearly illustrated for you in a concisely structured plan with concrete recommendations for dealing with analysts, investors and financial media – IR strategy. The essential elements of this document should be discussed with the Supervisory Board, which should be informed about capital market activities four times per year. We create a structured report SB reporting for this purpose.


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