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Considering core messages in crisis communication

Sovereign corporate communication during a crisis makes a decisive contribution to successful crisis management. On the basis of the developed crisis communication strategy, the goal is to implement the communication measures and deliver the defined core messages to the target audiences. As an expert partner with many years of experience in communicative crisis management, we develop a communication strategy for you and define clear and meaningful core messages. In crisis, you must pay attention to your communication activities in order to ensure effective communication.

Influencing opinion with core message communication

If a company is involved in a crisis situation, many stakeholders are often involved or the crisis can lead to a high individual impact potential for many stakeholders. Precisely when a high degree of individual concern is given, an emotionally charged and unachievable debate can arise quickly. In addition to the actual facts, not infrequently rumors, emotions or misrepresentations are transported through the media, which can aggravate the situation for your company. It is therefore all the more important that you include your core messages in discussions with stakeholders and journalists and help to influence the opinion in the sense of your communication goals. By focusing on core messages in your responses, you also exclude those aspects that should not be communicated to the target audiences.

Actively controlling dialogue with stakeholders

If you consistently implement uniform communication during crisis, this gives you a decisive advantage in an often emotionally charged debate. Core messages help you to shape the dialogue with your target audiences in the sense of your company and ensure uniform communication. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to make your crisis communication successful!


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