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Actively manage reporting in bond markets with bond media work

Targeted bond media work is crucial when issuing a bond, particularly for medium-sized companies. Such securities investors are normally asset management companies without their own research. Actively managing reporting in relevant economic and financial media and positively influencing media reports on your company is therefore particularly important.

Preparing well for bond media work

Medium-sizes enterprises often have little contact with journalists. Active media work usually does not take place. As a long-standing expert in financial communications, we maintain a continuous approach to bond media work. We establish contact with relevant financial and economic journalists and provide you with the opportunity to prepare for intensive discussions with journalists in our extensive interview training course. You will be able to answer with clear messages when confronted with critical questions. We maintain regular contact with many journalists. This lets us optimally prepare our clients for media discussions, giving them a well-founded assessment of the interviewer in advance.

Your strong partner for bond media work

Our many transactions have taught us the tricks of the trade when it comes to media work. It is a decisive factor in successful bond issuance. Please contact us if you want successful media to contribute to the successful placement of a bond.


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