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Communication strategy is essential in crisis

On the basis of a scenario analysis, we develop a communication strategy for your company to successfully plan and implement your company communication during the crisis. The communication strategy serves as a basis for all measures that you should master in target-oriented communication in a crisis. Especially in a crisis, it is important that you meet the information needs of your stakeholders and initiate communication measures tailored to the stakeholders.

Planning and implementing targeted measures

A first step towards the development of a communication strategy would be the implementation of a scenario analysis to identify relevant influencing factors. If all the necessary information is available, the communication strategy can be developed. Communication activities can then be planned and implemented so that you can communicate clearly and securely with all stakeholders even during the crisis. We know from many communication projects: A sovereign appearance of your company contributes significantly to a successful crisis management!

Competent partner for your crisis communication

As an expert on strategic financial-, ESG- and corporate communication with many years of experience, cometis AG supports you in the development of your communication strategy and is at your disposal in crisis as a competent partner. You can also contact us at short notice if you are in a crisis situation.


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