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Put your bond in the focus of investors

Professional bond communication makes a significant contribution to the successful placement of your corporate bond. In the case of bond issuances, it is not only important to observe the legal requirements during the transaction, but also to apply the right communication strategy to the bond with institutional and private investors. Your business model’s sustainability, market perspectives and how issuance revenues will be used must be communicated with particular clarity. You should not lose sight of who your target audience is. Finally, it makes a difference whether primarily institutional or private investors are being addressed for loan subscription. It would be our pleasure to advise and help you develop a suitable communication strategy for your company, assisting you with the implementation of your communication measures.

A reliable partner in all issues of bond communication

With our many years of experience in ESG and Investor Relations, we are your reliable partner for a successful bond issuance and beyond. We support you in adequately positioning your company on the capital market. A cohesive bond story and the right mix of communication can convince potential investors of your bond. Find out more about our wide range of services in bond communications.


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