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Confidently communicating with investors and journalists

Want to make a good impression in front of the camera? To successfully convey your messages to investors and journalists? To smoothly master critical questions? Interview training is the right way to make your performance even securer and to practice professional handling of investors, analysts and journalists.

These situations are often spontaneous and offer little time to consult deeply with your company. This goes for bonds as well as year-round investor relations. Having defined messages from the bond story within easy reach and communicating them clearly, authentically and sympathetically is crucial.

A competent appearance can go a long way – especially when issuing a new bond.

Improving media impact with a secure appearance

Improving your media impact and communicating securely with journalists, investors and analysts are central goals of our coaching.

We specifically prepare you to confidently and clearly place your content in interviews and presentations. We familiarize you with various scenarios so that you can “keep cool” and successfully convey your core messages, even in stressful situations.

Through accompanying video analysis, we collaborate with you not only on rhetoric and non-verbal communication, but particularly with convincing answers.

An overview of our service spectrum

  • Full-day coaching including video analysis
  • Telephone interviews
  • Background conversations
  • Statements
  • TV interviews
  • Cross-examinations
  • Simulation of press conferences
  • Company presentation
  • One-on-One meetings
  • Fair and unfair dialectic


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