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Using scenario analysis to develop communication strategies

Every crisis situation is an exception for a company that requires a “cool head.” However, every crisis can be mastered by communicative authority and by carefully analyzing the current situation of the company through a scenario analysis and developing strategies of action for ongoing crisis communication. The aim is to anticipate possible situations in the future, which can result from the crisis. With our years of experience in financial corporate communication, we can help you to carry out an efficient scenario analysis and to create appropriate media documents for the scenarios determined. In this way, you are well-prepared for the questions of the various stakeholder groups – and communicate clearly and securely during the crisis.

Taking different perspectives in scenario analysis

In scenario analysis, it is important to look at and analyze the current crisis situation from different perspectives. This is the only way to get an overview of the important influencing factors that have to be taken into account when planning and implementing your crisis communication. The first step is therefore to analyze the development of the current crisis situation. In the next step, all available information must be combined on the central influencing factors.

Preparing media documents for possible scenarios

If all relevant information is available, conceivable scenarios are developed and a communication strategy is developed. Priority should be given to the most likely scenario. In order to be well-equipped to communicate with the various stakeholders, media documents can be prepared in the next step. Several variants for corporate news, language rules for inquiries from stakeholders or a question and answer catalog with detailed information on crisis management help, for example, to be prepared for every eventuality. This is how you communicate clearly and safely in crisis.

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