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Stakeholder communication – Meeting the interests of different stakeholders

Whether it’s business partners, investors, journalists or customers – if your company is in a crisis, you will be more aware of the different stakeholders. As a specialist for strategic ESG-, financial- and corporate communication with many years of experience, cometis AG is a competent partner for the development of your communication strategy and the resulting planning and implementation of your stakeholder communication.

Stakeholder communication prevents the turning of the rumor mill

In order to ensure the smooth running of the business and to avoid image damage for your company, the company should seek early contact with its own employees, customers and suppliers. The scope for speculation and uncertainty should be kept as low as possible in order not to exacerbate the crisis further. Instead, speed and openness should be fundamental principles of your communication to meet the information needs of your stakeholders.

Stakeholder communication fosters trusting relationship with investors

Crisis communication should in no case end with the publication of written communications. In a crisis situation, it pays to maintain close contact with your investors. Depending on the scope of the crisis, the Management Board should be available to the IR department as well as to the investor meetings. The form and scope of the call offer depend on the company size and the number of investors. For larger companies, it is a good idea for investors to offer a telephone conference and to actively seek dialogue. For smaller companies with a limited number of investors, individual discussions are a possible alternative.

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