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Annual report: An indispensable source of information for the financial community

The financial community is increasingly interested in the business activities of listed and non-listed companies. As a result, requirements are growing for how annual reports should address a company’s fiscal year development.

The annual report is the most important IR document

The annual report interests investors, analysts, private investors and journalists, as well as customers and potential employees. Their various information needs must be met and the essential facts and figures for company development must be prepared. We help you structure and prepare this diverse information for your stakeholders. A convincing presentation with a clear approach not only fulfills your obligations, but can better convey your company’s equity story.

Besides a presentation on business development, an attractive design best transports your messages. It would be our pleasure to consult on your presentation and put your corporate design in the spotlight.

We take care of the following services for your annual report:

  • Project management including coordinating involved partners (translators, agencies, photographers, printers)
  • Development of an informative and graphical concept
  • Image creation
  • Preparation of a briefing on the group management report
  • Responsibilities as editor-in-chief
  • Editing, proofreading and fact-checking
  • Translation coordination
  • Composition and layout of the entire report
  • Production management, including printing
  • Publication per regulatory requirements


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