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AGM back office – The backbone of the annual general meeting

A successful AGM depends on even better preparation. In addition to a number of legally prescribed and organizational matters, this includes, in particular, the composition and preparation in the AGM back office. This is made up of experts from various specialist areas. The most important shareholder questions can already be anticipated, information gathered and language rules prepared. cometis is your strong partner and supports you as a proven expert in all questions of ESG and investor relations. We would be happy to coordinate allocation and answering of questions in the back office.

AGM back office supports management

At an AGM, there are often numerous verbal announcements from shareholders and proxies. The AGM back office supports management with professional and correct answering to these shareholder questions. It is not uncommon for the management board to be confronted with complex or critical issues. You can prepare for these detailed questions at an early stage and work out language rules. Thus, in the run-up to the annual general meeting, it can be helpful to get in touch with important shareholders and stakeholder associations as well as to follow the public discourse about your company.

Consultation for critical general meetings

We are also your expert partner in supporting the preparation and realization of impromptu general meetings. A so-called squeeze-out, which usually means the exclusion of the minority shareholders from the AG by the major shareholder, can make an annual general meeting very difficult, for example. For critical questions about a squeeze-out, language rules can be prepared in advance. We would be happy to support you!

Creating a Q&A catalog for the AGM back office

All questions should be compiled in a comprehensive questions and answers catalog for the AGM back office – the so-called Q&A catalog. We would be pleased to assist you with question preparation and their professional responses.


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