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Investor Meetings – Getting in touch with the right investors

Investor Meetings, or appointments with investors, are the core of any professional IR Work. In such meetings, open questions can be clarified, background information can be discussed and the relationship with important investors can be sustainably strengthened. It is always crucial for companies to get in contact with the right investors. In personal Investor Meetings, it is important to find out whether there is a sincere interest in the share or whether to ask for “only” competition information.

Using different types of Investor Meetings

There are essentially many ways to get in touch with investors: either through one-on-one meetings, or Investor Roadshows, which take place throughout the financial hubs of the world as luncheon presentations or group talks. Alternatively, both brokerage and Investor Relations consultants organize various sector conferences at which issuers of a specific sector present themselves. These conferences are generally chargeable.

Capital Markets Day strengthens Investor Relations

A popular means of informing existing investors and getting to know new investors are our Capital Market Days, which are often called Investor Days or field trips. To this end, fund managers, asset managers, analysts, bankers or other multipliers are invited by an issuer to the company headquarters. On the Capital Markets Day, management will present the latest products and developments to the participants. It is also good to invite theme-specific specialists, as well as customers and suppliers, to better illustrate the relationships between individual developments.

Optimize your Investor Meetings

Every year, we organize various Capital Market Days, Roadshows, Conferences and individual meetings with investors for our customers. Please contact us if you want to expand your contact with existing investors or target new investors to optimize your shareholder structure. In recent years, we have seen increasing demand for foreign conferences and increased demand for foreign investors.

With our IR network of specialists in financial hubs such as London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Madrid, Monaco, Milan and in North America in NYC and San Francisco, we are meeting the growing need for investor contacts abroad. Contact us to optimally plan your Investor Meetings!


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