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Non-financial Reporting: Ensure transparency about the sustainability of your company

Sustainability becomes more and more important on the capital markets. Incrementally, shareholders and stakeholders are expecting information on the social and environmental impacts of corporate activities. This also creates new challenges in communicating with these stakeholders. Non-financial reporting is therefore becoming increasingly important. In some countries, companies are already required by law to disclose certain non-financial issues. In Germany a legal implementation of the CSR Directive of the European Commission has been in force since 11 April 2017.

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Non-financial Reporting as the most important basis for your communication of non-financial issues

We support you in preparing your non-financial report. The foreground is that we work out your individual focal points with you. The entire structure of your report is based on this and puts it in the context of your business activities. It is recommended to orientate oneself on national or international frameworks such as The Sustainability Code (DNK) or the GRI Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This ensures a certain comparability with other companies, which is desirable for the recipients of the reports. In addition, we constantly monitor non-financial reports from companies in various industries. This provides us with a comprehensive database of non-financial key figures. In this way, we can also include key figures from your peer group in your report. This enables even better comparability and quantifiability of your non-financial performance. In cooperation with our graphics department we develop a tailor-made and appealing design concept.

Annoying reporting requirement or a good start

Sustainability must not be treated separately. It should be consistent with the strategy and economic objectives. Supporters are convinced that responsible behavior is reflected in greater financial success in the long term. Whether that opinion is shared or not, a non-financial report should not be seen as a superficial transparency requirement. The growing number of associations and initiatives in this area, also on the part of investors, confirm that the interest of equity and debt investors in non-financial information is rising. They increasingly use it to assess the opportunities and risks of investments and lending more comprehensively.

Depending on the situation, it therefore makes sense for companies that are not subject to reporting requirements to deal with non-financial reporting at an early stage. We would be pleased to advise you in your individual situation.

We would like to take over the following services for your Non-financial Report:

  • Advice on the concept of publication (as part of the Annual Report, integrated or as a separate component, as a separate sustainability report, online or offline, etc.)
  • Development of an individually coherent content and graphic concept
  • Content-related advice on the selection of suitable key figures
  • Project management including coordination of the partners involved (translators, photographers, printers)
  • Editor-in-chief
  • Set and layout of the entire report
  • Proofreading, editing and number check
  • Publication according to regulatory requirements
  • Accompanying communication measures


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