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Get in touch with investors in Europe

What is a roadshow? By conducting an investor roadshow, you can make contact with potential new investors and strengthen your investor relations. Are you looking for personal exchange with investors and would like to get in contact with a select group? Are you interested in meeting new investors and looking for an effective way of approaching them in the future? Would you be interested in optimizing your shareholder structure and meeting the right type of investors at home and abroad? If so, then conducting a roadshow is the right thing to do.

European investor access through cometis – A roadshow enables your management team to meet with analysts, fund managers and potential investors at several locations – in Germany or abroad – and present them with the company’s equity story. A successful presentation and a charismatic appearance from management can convince potential investors to buy your shares.

Raise investor interest at roadshows and build confidence

At roadshows, management presents the equity story with the aim of influencing the investment decision of participating investors in your favor. After the roadshow presentation, potential investors have the opportunity to ask specific questions so that you are given the chance to convincingly convey key facts and figures.

With your company presentation, you can confidentially and confidently convince your potential investors of your management skills and lay the foundation for long-term investor relations. A roadshow is an effective measure to build trust with investors. At investor and press events, board members can be prepared in advance by conducting intensive media training.

Meet new investors independent of banks with our large network of contacts spread across the financial hubs of Europe. With our many years of experience in sales and roadshow management, cometis will help you meet new investors. Whether its fund managers, private wealth managers, family offices or investment advisors you are looking for, we will put you in contact with them.

cometis can serve as your gateway to the European market for financial investors, utilizing our experienced sales teams on the ground in over twenty European destinations.

Maintaining long-term investor relations at roadshows

An IPO or another planned transaction is always a reason for a personal meeting with investors. In addition, so-called non-deal roadshows (NDR), issuers are looking for a dialogue with existing and potential investors without offering a specific transaction.

Your European IR program with cometis!

Whether you want to get in touch with potential new investors or strengthen already established relationships with your existing investors, can help you to amplify your relations in Europe.

We offer independent investor access for the major financial hubs in Europe – Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Lugano, Luxembourg, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, The Hague, Vienna and Zurich.

We are able to provide you with single roadshows in select European financial centers, sector conferences, investor access programs or even organize a roadshow program over the course of a full year. All roadshows include entry & exit polls.

If you are new on the European market, we can help you to conduct perception studies, peer group analysis, shareholder ID, roadshow coaching and develop your equity story in order to round off your European IR program.

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It would be our pleasure to advise you individually to plan your roadshow or non-deal roadshow.

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P.S.: If you are interested in financial media relations, we can accommodate you as well.


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