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Design and creation of ESG factsheets including content and design.

Why are ESG factsheets important for companies? 

ESG factsheets are an essential part of ESG communication and reporting for companies. They provide investors and other stakeholders with a quick overview of the company’s ESG performance and can help to transparently showcase the sustainability strategy and performance. A professionally designed ESG factsheet strengthens stakeholder trust and positions the company’s brand.

How does cometis support the design and creation of ESG factsheets?

Cometis provides comprehensive advice to companies on the design and creation of ESG factsheets. Our experts help to identify relevant ESG topics and present them in an appealing design. We value clear and understandable presentation of information and highlight the company’s core messages.

What are the benefits for companies of consulting with cometis?

Through our advice, companies can take their ESG communication to the next level and create a professional ESG factsheet that clearly and comprehensibly presents the company’s core messages. Companies can ensure that their ESG performance is transparent and understandable, thereby strengthening stakeholder trust. Our consulting also includes the development of meaningful indicators that meet the requirements of investors and recommendations of frameworks. We take into account the needs and expectations of relevant stakeholders to create a comprehensive and target group-oriented ESG factsheet.

Feel free to contact us if you need support in designing and creating your ESG factsheet. Our experienced consultants are there to help you build a meaningful and appealing ESG communication.


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