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Global ESG Monitor Data Analysis: Comprehensive overview of companies' sustainability performance


Gap analysis and peer group analysis for concrete improvements

The GEM data analysis provides a comprehensive overview of companies’ sustainability performance in selected areas. Using GEM data, companies can compare their performance with their competitors and identify areas that require further attention or have improvement potential. The report consists of two services: a gap analysis and a peer group analysis.

The gap analysis provides a statistical evaluation and data analysis that identifies the overall ranking of the company’s transparency and relative strengths and weaknesses in ten different areas. This information helps companies understand important areas for improvement and find concrete, actionable improvement options. With these insights, companies can implement appropriate improvements quickly and efficiently.

The peer group analysis provides a detailed analysis of the company’s performance in the areas evaluated by GEM. The analysis includes scores and data that illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and show where the company stands compared to its peers. The peer group analysis also includes a narrative evaluation of strengths and weaknesses within the dimensions captured, as well as graphics to illustrate the data.

To gain a deeper understanding of the data, best practice examples are provided. Companies receive best practice examples of their competitors to better understand what may be expected of them and how to disclose it. This analysis can also serve to initiate the development of new strategies and initiatives as well as evaluate the impact of existing policies and programs.

About the Global ESG Monitor

The Global ESG Monitor (GEM) is an international research project that analyzes the transparency of non-financial reporting through a sound benchmarking method. While several studies examine non-financial reporting in different ways, GEM is the only analysis that measures the transparency of non-financial reporting on a global scale to such an extent.

The GEM methodology was developed in collaboration with a global network of partners and supplemented by analyzing the requirements of frameworks, rating agencies, investors, and other key stakeholders for reporting.

The GEM provides a comprehensive analysis of transparency in sustainability reporting by companies in various industries and regions, focusing on identifying best practices and improvement opportunities.

The GEM has been mentioned and presented by significant international media, demonstrating its global impact and relevance.

Practical assistance: The results of the project are highly valued and used by the finance and sustainability community to explain practices in these areas.

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