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ESG Reporting: Turn a mandatory exercise into a strategically valuable tool for your corporate communication

Why is professional ESG reporting important?

The sustainability report is the first point of contact for your stakeholders: investors, banks, rating agencies, suppliers, customers, journalists, regional politics, or employees. Therefore, ESG reporting is an essential part of corporate communication and serves to create transparency about a company’s sustainability performance. Investors, customers, and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding sustainable corporate management and evaluating companies based on their ESG performance. Comprehensive ESG reporting can help build stakeholder trust and improve a company’s image.

Challenges in ESG reporting

However, ESG reporting can also be a challenge, especially for companies that have not yet implemented a comprehensive sustainability strategy or have not systematically collected their data.

Legal requirements are complex and vary by region and industry. The selection of relevant topics, KPIs, and frameworks can also be a challenge. What do I orient myself to? Which metric is right for me? Have I reported everything that is legally expected of me? Companies also often feel overwhelmed by transparency requirements: Am I not disclosing too much? Will this not give me a competitive disadvantage? What is greenwashing, what is cherry-picking, and how can I protect myself from it?

These questions and concerns are not new to us, and we help you build your sustainability performance on data-driven information and sound insights.

How does cometis support your company with ESG reporting?

cometis supports companies in the creation of sustainability reports, ESG presentations, and all other non-financial publication formats. Our consultants have comprehensive experience in sustainability communication and ESG reporting. We have already analyzed and evaluated more than 1,000 reports as part of the Global ESG Monitor, which has given us comprehensive insights into best practices and trends, and we have built an extensive best practice database. In addition, we have created and designed countless sustainability reports for companies from different industries. Our support for ESG reporting includes the following services: 

  • Identification of relevant topics and key performance indicators
  • Determination of frameworks and standards
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Consultation on the selection and implementation of ESG software
  • Training of employees in sustainability communication and ESG reporting
  • Creation of ESG reports, including design and publication
  • Best practice recommendations: Furthermore, we have an extensive best practice library that enables us to support companies in implementing a successful ESG strategy. We help companies measure, evaluate, and improve their ESG performance to meet the requirements of stakeholders and regulatory frameworks.
  • Project management and quality assurance: We take care of proofreading, editing, and fact-checking for you. Our experienced consultants offer professional project management and coordinate all involved partners (company contacts, translators, agencies, printers).

We are at your service and look forward to accompanying you on your path to successful and sustainable business operations.

Integrated reporting

Integrated reporting and its dual materiality will become a standard in Europe for companies. The integrated report combines financial and non-financial information, giving all stakeholders the most comprehensive overview of a company’s value creation.

Due to our over 20 years of experience in investor relations and financial reporting, and our comprehensive ESG expertise, we are the suitable partner for integrated reporting projects.


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