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Rating Impact Analysis - The tool for improving your company's ESG performance


ESG rating agencies and their different evaluation methods

ESG ratings already play a role in the investment decisions of investors today. At the same time, other stakeholders are also paying more attention to the ESG performance of companies, and for these groups, ESG ratings provide valuable guidance.

The problem is that ESG rating agencies use different evaluation methods and weighting, which can lead to different results. This practice poses a major challenge for companies to translate their ESG performance into rating improvements – ideally with all rating agencies.

We decipher your ESG ratings and translate them into to-do lists

As part of our ESG Rating Impact Analysis™, we decipher ESG ratings so that companies can better understand and influence the ratings in a targeted manner. Our analysis answers questions such as:

  • What can the company do to improve its ESG performance?
  • Where can rating improvements be achieved quickly and where are more comprehensive measures necessary?
  • What weight do individual topics contribute to the rating evaluation? Where are there overlaps?
  • What policies, indicators, and qualitative information must be provided?
  • Where has information perhaps been inadequately perceived by the ESG rating agency?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the company from the perspective of the ESG rating agency?

By answering these questions, companies can take targeted measures to improve their ESG performance and thereby improve their ESG rating.

The advantages of our ESG Rating Impact Tool™ at a glance: 

  • ESG rating reports broken down to the level of individual indicators
  • Comparable database for the different ESG rating agencies
  • Your central rating database
  • Creates transparency in the jungle of indicators
  • Efficient identification of options for action and effective measures to improve ratings
  • Indicators and their criteria made understandable
  • Maximally clear and granular at the same time
  • Feasibility assessments of indicators according to simple traffic light logic
  • Clear assignment of responsibilities
  • Individual advice from our experienced consulting team

Proof of concept of the rating impact analysis

Our experience from over seven years of rating impact analysis shows that companies can achieve rating success through an ESG rating impact analysis™. It often becomes clear that important information was not found or not properly classified by the rating agencies. With targeted measures that increase the visibility of existing information, companies can quickly achieve first “quick wins” in improving their ESG ratings and make their reporting more transparent to meet the requirements of ESG rating agencies and other stakeholders.

Use the potential of ESG ratings as a competitive factor

cometis’ ESG Rating Impact Analysis™ offers companies a solid basis for improving their sustainability performance and optimizing their rating results with ESG rating agencies in order to stand out from the competition. We support companies in understanding their rating results better, improving their ESG performance, and ensuring successful and sustainable business operations in competition.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and let us improve your sustainability strategy together.


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