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ESG Rating Advisory - How companies can improve their ESG ratings


Why you should improve your ESG ratings

ESG rating agencies play an important role in assessing the ESG performance of companies. Investors use these ratings to structure financial products. Other stakeholders rely on these assessments to make decisions about business relationships, such as supply chain relationships. A poor ESG rating can therefore have a negative impact on your company’s reputation and financial performance. With targeted ESG rating advice, you can ensure that your ESG performance is adequately assessed and take targeted measures to improve it.

How does ESG Rating Advisory work?

ESG Rating Advisory supports companies in optimizing their assessment by ESG rating agencies. This service includes a variety of services tailored to the specific needs of your company. These include:

  • Analysis of your ESG ratings as part of an ESG Rating Impact Analysis™ to identify the causes of poor ratings and quantify their weights. Based on this, you understand the judgment, recognize priorities, and are able to make decisions.
  • Analysis of your non-financial information so that you can identify where gaps exist between the demands of the rating agencies and your communication.
  • Development of a strategy to improve ESG performance and assessment by rating agencies through targeted goals, priorities, and responsibilities.
  • Support in implementing measures to improve ESG performance, such as best practice examples, key figure advice, or guidance.
  • Support in communication on sustainability-relevant topics with rating agencies and other stakeholders.

Is there a guarantee that companies can improve their ESG ratings?

Yes and no.

Yes, because you understand where you are missing opportunities through inadequate communication, transparency, or data, and recognize where you have not yet met the demands of the rating agencies, and can develop measures to specifically remedy this. You recognize where the biggest levers for change lie and can develop strategies based on structured data and analyses.

No, because the rating agencies constantly change and expand their foundations. However, you will not deteriorate unintentionally and will not miss any opportunities.

What other benefits are there for your company?

Systematic ESG Rating Advisory provides the basis for the establishment of a central ESG data center. This not only facilitates communication with ESG rating agencies in the long term, but with all stakeholders.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or need support in optimizing your ESG performance. Our experienced advisors are on hand to help you improve your ESG performance.


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