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| SLM Solutions Group AG and BeamIT: Collaboration of the two partners is gaining additional momentum


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SLM Solutions Group AG and BeamIT: Collaboration of the two partners is gaining additional momentum

  • Joint development of special parameters for processing INCONEL metal alloys in multi-laser systems completed
  • INCONEL metal alloys are a product of choice in the aviation industry due, among other things, to their high temperature stability
  • Further machine orders from the collaboration agreement to be called off in the very near future

Lübeck, October 23, 2017 — The collaboration between SLM Solutions Group AG (“SLM Solutions”), a leading supplier of metal-based additive production technology, and BeamIT S.p.a., Fornovo di Taro, Italy, is gathering momentum. BeamIT is one of the leading contract manufacturers in the automobile industry, biomedical technology, and aerospace industry in Italy, and it is already using numerous machines manufactured by SLM Solutions. The collaboration agreement published on June 19, 2017 also contained a declaration of intent for the purchase of 15 further multi-laser machines from SLM Solutions till latest December 31, 2019 as well as the joint development of various special parameters for setting the machines when using different metal powders in multi-laser systems.

Uwe Bögershausen, Board Member of SLM Solutions Group AG is delighted: “The collaboration with BeamIT is running outstandingly well and continues to pick up pace. The joint development of special parameters for the use of INCONEL metal powders in multi-laser systems represents an important step for SLM Solutions and underlines once again that SLM Solutions machines are ideally suited to processing INCONEL alloys as well as steel, aluminium and titanium alloys.”

The results were achieved with a strong collaboration between the development teams of BeamIT and SLM Solutions. “This now allows us to reach even better results than before on making components for the aviation industry. SLM Solutions was a great partner in this development project: All scientific and technological approaches of our research team were taking care of by SLM Solutions and we have reached our common goal to guarantee outstanding component quality matched by maximum productivity levels. With the special parameters developed for INCONEL metal alloys, we are now taking the next step. As a result of processing INCONEL on multi-laser systems supplied by SLM Solutions, we can reduce component costs significantly and fulfil customer orders that could not be economically achieved on other systems. This is one of the first results obtained by Additive Manufacturing Competence Centre (A.M.C.C.) of BeamIT and another reason why we will shortly be announcing further SLM-machine purchases,” adds Mauro Antolotti, founder and CEO of BeamIT S.p.a.

Lübeck-based SLM Solutions Group AG is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. The company’s shares are traded in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The stock has been listed in the TecDAX index since March 21, 2016. SLM Solutions focuses on the development, assembly and sale of machines and integrated system solutions in the field of selective laser melting. SLM Solutions currently employs over 340 members of staff in Germany, the USA, Singapore, Russia, India and China. The products are utilised worldwide by customers in particular from the aerospace, energy, healthcare and automotive industries.

BeamIT S.p.a., headquarter in Fornovo Taro (Parma-I) is a leading supplier of metal-based additive production components. The company focuses on developing, studies and qualifying several metallic materials and serving several industrial sectors from Biomedical, Racing and Motor Sports, Aeronautical and Aerospace to Energy industry. Recently has been announced the constitution of Additive Manufacturing Competence Centre, a specialized technology center to support its customer developments.