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PNE AG: Strategic Development as a Clean Energy Solution Provider

• Focus on the entire value added chain of renewable energies
• Improve margins and reduce volatility
• New markets and technologies

Cuxhaven/Frankfurt, November, 15 2017 – PNE WIND AG is strategically realigning its operative business and putting its activities on a much broader basis, both nationally and internationally: “We will evolve from a specialist in the project planning, construction and operation of wind farms to a provider of solutions for clean energy. As a “Clean Energy Solution Provider”, we want to expand our range of services and will occupy new markets and technologies,” describes Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE WIND AG, the main features of the new strategy. To reduce the volatility of earnings and to open new potential in margins is the target.

PNE WIND’s new strategic orientation is a response to changes in the markets and the framework conditions for the expansion of renewable energies. While renewable energies will grow dynamically worldwide in the coming years, countervailing trends can also be observed in individual, established markets. Subsidies for wind energy are being cut back and remuneration systems converted to calls for tenders or other market mechanisms. In some countries, the expansion of wind energy is being restricted. This increases competitive pressure. The optimisation of the costs associated with a project is therefore becoming increasingly important.

PNE WIND AG responds to these developments by expanding its operating business and, as a Clean Energy Solution Provider, will exploit the enormous opportunities arising from the transformation of the markets. The goal is clearly defined: “In the future, our strategic realignment will encompass almost the entire renewable energy value chain. From our current position of strength, we want to develop and implement projects and solutions for the planning, construction and operation of renewable energy power plants,” says Markus Lesser.

Project development and portfolio
Project development continues to be the core business. This includes the development of quality projects, the establishment of a new European wind farm portfolio with a capacity of approx. 200 MW by 2020, cross-technology projects and other services.

In addition to wind energy, photovoltaics, storage solutions and power-to-gas will be key components of the company’s strategy in the future. The development of power-to-gas projects with a focus on hydrogen production will be a new feature. This is the first step into the segments of mobility and heating from renewable energies. In the future, PNE WIND AG also intends to develop renewable energy power plants and island solutions by combining wind farms, photovoltaic systems and storage facilities.

In addition to the established markets for wind energy such as Germany, France and the USA, PNE WIND AG will in future also focus on emerging markets such as Central America, the Middle and Far East and Africa, which have great potential for the development of renewable energies. These are characterised by high energy requirements. Cooperation with experienced partners ensures secure investments in these countries. Essential experiences from wind energy development can be used for this.

Additional services as operations management and solutions for the financing for renewable energy projects also represent an expansion of PNE WIND AG’s activities. Inorganic growth through cooperation, investments or takeovers of companies from the photovoltaic, battery and storage industry is also possible.

Energy supply management
The agenda includes the optimisation of wind farms as well as offshore services, the expansion of operations management for wind farms and transformer stations to include photovoltaic projects and the development of cross-technology know-how. In addition, the generation of electricity from internal capacities will be upgraded through electricity trading and the marketing of electricity and gas. Conditioning of electricity can be reached when the following creation of value is also regarded.

Realisation / Smart Development
In order to prepare the expanded strategy intensively, a group of specialised employees was established in Hamburg to develop and realise business opportunities with new products and in new markets. Markus Lesser: “We call this Smart Development. Here we are working on the foundations for the further development of the PNE WIND Group.” “Smart Development “pursues an integrated project approach that combines various renewable energies and storage technologies, optimises entry into and exit from new markets, shortens the time to project success and avoids high upfront expenditures in projects.

Risk minimisation and new potentials
Markus Lesser: “With this new strategy, we are minimising market risks, opening up new potentials and markets for PNE WIND AG and, in the medium term, we will stabilise primarily the very volatile results achieved so far. After a transitional phase, in which investments pave the way for the implementation of the strategy, this shall lead to an increase in average operating results (EBIT).”