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Transparency - A Crucial Foundation for Quality in Sustainability Reporting

Enhanced ESG Transparency: cometis Collaborates with the Global ESG Monitor

We assist our clients in transparently reporting their sustainability performance. In a time when investors, rating agencies, customers, NGOs, and the public increasingly value sustainability, it is crucial for companies to provide clear and comprehensive information about their sustainability efforts. Such transparency is at the core of high-quality sustainability reports, fostering trust and enabling all stakeholders to make informed decisions based on reliable information.

cometis & the Methodology of the Global ESG Monitor

At cometis, we utilize the innovative GEM AssayTM methodology in collaboration with the Global ESG Monitor to measure and enhance the quality of sustainability reporting. This groundbreaking approach combines qualitative and quantitative research to improve the sustainability reporting of our clients. Our methodology goes beyond mere compliance requirements; it sets new standards and empowers companies to become sustainability leaders. Supported by extensive research from over 1,000 reports, the GEM AssayTM is also suitable for assessing the ESRS readiness of your report and conducting comprehensive gap or benchmark analyses.

Celebrating Excellence: The Integrity Star Award

We are proud partners of the renowned Integrity Star Award. This accolade, based on a thorough evaluation of approximately 4,000 variables and 700 questions, honors companies that meet the highest standards in sustainability reporting. More than just an award, this symbolizes a commitment to sustainability and its crucial role in driving positive change.

Join Us on this Sustainable Journey

At cometis, our dedication extends beyond regulatory compliance. Together with the Global ESG Monitor, we strive for a culture of sustainability and responsibility. For further information, please visit our Integrity Star website.


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