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Making valuable investor contacts at investor meetings

Investor conferences provide an ideal opportunity to present the company’s investment highlights to a select group of investors. At the same time, investor conferences are a suitable platform for talking to new investors and convincing them of the company’s equity story.

A large number of investor conferences are offered in Germany and abroad, usually organized by brokers or investor relations service providers. Frequently, conferences are offered on a particular sector, so-called sectoral conferences, on which issuers of a specific sector present themselves. The participation is usually for a fee or covered by brokers.

Investor Conference New York City, June 3, 2014

With stability, productivity and innovative power, the middle class is the backbone of the German economy. No wonder American investors are also very interested in micro, small and mid caps from Germany. The investor relations consultancy cometis AG, together with Adam Friedman Associates (New York) and its partners – finance consultancy youmex, research body Independent Research and internationally active German corporate law firm Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek – will be presenting at the “German Small and Mid Cap Conference” in New York City. 12 select companies will present their business models to American investors and look for personal contact in one-on-one meetings. In a panel discussion with well-known experts from the segment, the strength of the German middle class will be examined in an international comparison.

Small- and Mid-Cap Conference NYC

Second sector conference technology and software

During the second sector conference organized by Researchhaus Montega and cometis, the management board of five medium-sized companies in the “technology and software” sector presented their business models in Frankfurt on January 15, 2014. In addition, they discussed current financial figures, the market situation and the strategic orientation in the course of interviews with the analysts at Montega AG before the investors present. In a Panel discussion, the company representatives also discussed the opportunities and risks of the sector. Participants were able to actively participate in the discussion through a voting system.

In addition to the exhibiting companies, the executive boards of other companies were also available for one-on-one discussions.

In cooperation with Montega AG

First sector conference on building and DIY

The first sector conference, “Buiding and DIY” – organized by Researchhaus Montega and cometis – took place on September 9, 2013, in Frankfurt. Five medium-sized companies in the industry presented their business models to the investors present and were available for individual discussions. Within the framework of a Panel discussion with the company representatives, various sector-specific topics were discussed. The analysts at Montega AG discussed the latest business figures, the current market conditions and the competition strategy of the companies before the listeners. In this context, the investors had the opportunity to incorporate their personal feedback into the discussion through a voting technology.

In cooperation with Montega AG

Optimum planning for participation in Investor Conferences

Every year, numerous investor conferences take place at home and abroad. This inevitably leads to questions for many of our listed customers: Which investor conference is worthwhile for my company? Which are free of charge and which are paid for? At which conferences would I meet those investors who are interested in my industry and thus in my Equity Story?

We know the most important investor conferences at home and abroad and support you in the planning and booking of your events. We also regularly organize our own sector conferences and get in touch with potential investors. Give us a call!


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